Episode 56: Hotdog Hangovers with Derek Hendrickson & Nick Wehry

In this episode of the podcast, host Emily Van Buskirk recaps her very first Fourth of July at the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest with two of the contestants – 24th ranked Derek Hendrickson and 6th ranked Nick Wehry.

Hendrickson, nicknamed “Heavy D” talks about his first Coney Island experience and how he brings his competitive nature from baseball and football to the eating world.

Wehry dishes on the new venue and talks about his quest to beat Joey Chestnut. Plus he talks about his fiancé, top ranked female eater Miki Sudo and their new baby boy Max.

Make sure to follow the show on all the socials: @sidelinesasss on Twitter and Instagram and Sideline Sass on Facebook. Plus, don’t forget to check out the website where audio, video and written sass converge at http://www.SidelineSasss.com.

Follow Emily on Twitter and Instagram at @Emilnem. Follow Derek Hendrickson on Twitter at @Adven_HEAVY_D, on Instagram at @adventures_of_heavy_d and subscribe to his YouTube channel The Adventures of HEAVY D. Make sure to follow Nick Wehry on Twitter at @NickWehry, on Instagram at @nickwehry and subscribe to his YouTube Channel Nick Wehry. Also follow the Hungry Couple on Instagram at @mikiandnick and see their videos on Miki Sudo’s YouTube page!

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