Episode 51: College Gridiron Showcase, Part 4

In this episode of the podcast, host Emily Van Buskirk wraps up coverage of the College Gridiron Showcase event in Fort Worth, Texas with three final interviews with players.

First, Emily chats with Ball State Running Back Caleb Huntley about setting program records with the Cardinals, winning a MAC Championship and the qualities and play he believes he would bring to an NFL team.

Later, Emily speaks with Huntley’s teammate, Ball State Wide Receiver Antwan Davis about his incredible and unique football journey. Davis also talks about playing in the MAC and lifting weights with Huntley.

To close out the episode, Emily talks with Florida International Defensive Lineman Noah Curtis about his time with the Panthers, the most impressive QB he faced and which NFL player he models his play after. He also shares his pre-game playlist with us!

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Follow Emily on Twitter and Instagram at @Emilnem. Follow the College Gridiron Showcase on Twitter at @CGSAllStar and on Instagram at @collegegridironshowcase. Follow Caleb Huntley on Twitter at @1DukeHuntley and on Instagram at @dukehuntley. Follow Antwan Davis on Twitter and Instagram at @_Antwandavis. And follow Noah Curtis on Twitter and Instagram at @showtime_Noah90.


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