Episode 49: College Gridiron Showcase Preview, Part 2

In this episode of the Sideline Sass Podcast, host Emily Van Buskirk continues to preview next week’s College Gridiron Showcase event, this time joined by one of the Co-Founder’s, Craig Redd. Craig talks about the evolution of the showcase, touching on this year’s Covid-related changes. He also discusses a unique showcase feature – the seminars designed for college-to-NFL transition.

Later, Emily is joined by Wisconsin Fullback Mason Stokke who talks about his time in the Big Ten. Stokke also talks about what it was like to learn under Alec Ingold who in turn learned under Derek Watt and the versatility he would bring to an NFL team.

To close out the podcast, Emily is joined by Oregon Tight End Hunter Kampmoyer, who talks about the tumultuous season in the Pac-12, his journey from defensive scout team to starting tight end and how he identifies as a fullback. Kampmoyer also shares about growing up in the small town of Bishop, Ca and how he likes to give back to the players at his high school.

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Follow Emily on Twitter and Instagram at @Emilnem. Follow the College Gridiron Showcase on Twitter at @CGSAllStar and on Instagram at @collegegridironshowcase. Follow Mason Stokke on Twitter at @mlstokke and on Instagram at @masonstokke. And follow Hunter Kampmoyer on both Twitter and Instagram at @hunterkampmoyer.


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