Episode 43: A Conference USA Conversation with MTSU QB Asher O’Hara & Marshall RB Brenden Knox

In the 43rd episode of the podcast, host Emily Van Buskirk gets to talk about her absolute favorite thing in the world: college football. 

She breaks down the limited slate of Week 1 games with a little help from drop-in “celebrity” guest Elizabeth Van Buskirk, Emily’s sister. Emily is staying with her baby sister in New York ahead of covering the Middle Tennessee at Army football game.

Speaking of the Blue Raiders, Emily is then joined by the MTSU quarterback Asher O’Hara in his long-awaited Sideline Sass debut. The two talk about playing football during Covid-19, what the “new normal” looks like and how O’Hara is in fact a good passer despite his penchant for running the football last year. O’Hara also talks about Middle Tennessee’s game at West Point this weekend. 

To close out the episode, Emily is joined by Marshall running back Brenden Knox to talk about his Conference USA preseason accolades, the Thundering Herd’s game plan for Eastern Kentucky and what song has Knox vibing this season. Hint: it’s a throwback. Knox talks about the message that Marshall hopes to give the college football world on the big stage this weekend.

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Follow Emily on Twitter and Instagram at @Emilnem. Follow Asher O’ Hara on Instagram at @ashohara10 and on Twitter at @AsherOHara. And make sure to follow Brenden Knox on Instagram at @justbrendenknox and on Twitter at @itsbrendenknox_.

Listen to “Episode 43: A Conference USA Conversation with MTSU QB Asher O’Hara & Marshall RB Brenden Knox” on Spreaker.

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