Episode 40: Tik Tok Talk with Trevor Norris, Savanah Alinaz & Ally Williams

In the 40th episode of the podcast, host Emily Van Buskirk delves into the delicious depths of the Tik Tok world and welcomes on three creative users of the addicting app. 

First, Emily chats with content creator Trevor Norris aka Carpool Trev about his rise to fame on Tik Tok with his hilarious commentary and car renditions of popular songs. Trevor talks about his long time use of social media apps, reminisces about Vine and shares the stories about the memes that made him famous.

Later, Emily is joined by Digital Engagement Intern for the Savannah Bananas, Savanah Alaniz who talks about working for the collegiate summer baseball team and how she brought Tik Tok into the fold to increase awareness and aide in marketing. If you don’t follow @TheSavBannanas on Tik Tok you are missing some of the funniest content on the internet, trust me. Savanah talks about what it’s like to produce content with her awesome creative team and their plans for total Tik Tok domination.

Finally, Emily is joined by longtime friend and fellow woman in sports Ally Williams who talks about creating content for Tik Tok during quarantine and how she found her people on the app. Plus she talks about a new opportunity in sports that came her way courtesy of Tik Tok!

Make sure to follow the show on all the socials: @sidelinesasss on Twitter and Instagram and Sideline Sass on Facebook. Plus, don’t forget to check out the website where audio, video and written sass converge at www.SidelineSasss.com.

Follow Emily on Twitter and Instagram at @Emilnem. Follow Trevor Norris on Twitter and Instagram at @trevor_norris0 and on Tik Tok at @trevornorris. Follow Savanah Alaniz on Twitter and Instagram at @savalaniz and follow the Savannah Bananas baseball team on Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok at @TheSavBananas. Make sure to also follow Ally Williams on Instagram and Twitter at @allykwilliams and on Tik Tok at @millennially.

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