Episode 37: Creative Quarantine Content

In this episode of the podcast, host Emily Van Buskirk went viral. Well not really, she just sought out viral video stars and unique content creators and had them on the podcast to talk about their process.

First, Emily chats with freelance sports reporter and photographer Annie Agar about her Big Ten Zoom Conference Call that went viral on Twitter. Agar originally posted the video on Tik Tok and didn’t think anything of it. The video shows Agar portraying the various Big Ten schools on afootball conference call and really struck a chord with football fans. If you haven’t seen it, watch it here: https://twitter.com/AnnieAgar/status/1262018845629440000?s=20.
The girls also talk college football, both Big Ten and Pac-12.

Later, Emily catches up with with San Francisco City College Director of Strength & Conditioning Abe Munayer about his farm workout videos. Munayer, who also worked at both Cal and Stanford talks about his journey through the world of strength training. He recounts his experience with the Cleveland Browns when Johnny Manziel was on the team and he talks about working with Olympic athletes at Cal. Plus he offers up some easy, at-home workouts to keep us fit during quarantine. Check out his videos here: https://twitter.com/CoachMunayer/status/1253491693795422208?s=20

Make sure to follow the show on all the socials: @sidelinesasss on Twitter and Instagram and Sideline Sass on Facebook. Plus don’t forget to check out the website where audio, video and written sass converge at www.SidelineSasss.com.

Follow Emily on Twitter and Instagram at @Emilnem. Follow Annie Agar on Twitter at @AnnieAgar and on Instagram at @annieagar5. Also follow Abe Munayer on Twitter at @CoachMunayer and on Instagram at @abekhalil79.

Listen to “Episode 37: Creative Quarantine Content” on Spreaker.

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