Episode 36: The Post Draft Chat with Dolphins RB Myles Gaskin & Sportswriter Crissy Froyd

In this post NFL Draft episode of the podcast, I talk all things football with two very special guests.

First up I chat with Dolphins running back Myles Gaskin about his off-season training, the new guys on his Miami squad and we talk a walk down Pac-12 memory lane, reminiscing about old Apple Cup victories. Gaskin, who appeared in seven games his rookie year in Miami rushed for 133 yards and one touchdown as well as caught seven passes for 51 receiving yards. Gaskin talks about his time at UW and which school he thought about attending in the Pac-12 instead, before his mom talked some sense into him.

Later in the podcast, I am joined by USA Today Sports Group writer and LSU student Crissy Froyd to talk about how the Tigers faired in this year’s draft. She also shares her thoughts on the Tennessee Titans draft picks and we talk all things quarterbacks, particularly Jordan Love and Joe Burrow. Froyd correctly predicts Burrow’s thoughts on animals in captivity before he publicly share his thoughts on why he won’t be watching Netflix’s Tiger King.

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Follow Emily on Twitter and Instagram at @Emilnem. Follow Myles Gaskin on Instagram at @mylesggaskin. And follow Crissy Froyd on Instagram at @crissyfroyd and on Twitter at @crissy_froyd.

Listen to “Episode 36: The Post Draft Chat with Dolphins RB Myles Gaskin & Sportswriter Crissy Froyd” on Spreaker.

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