Episode 35: The 2020 NFL Draft Episode Part 3, The Fullback Edition

In this third part of a 3-episode look at some potential 2020 NFL Draft prospects, I talk with my favorite group of guys – the fullbacks. If you are a dedicated listener, you know I had on Atlanta Falcons fullback Keith Smith and LSU fullback Tory Carter to talk about the resurgence of the position.

Now, I talk with 3 hopeful young men looking to make their mark at the next level.

First up I chat with South Dakota State running back turned fullback Mikey Daniel about his transition, the interest he has garnered from the League and his goal of being a special teams captain.

Later, I talk with Army fullback Connor Slomka aka the Wexford Sledgehammer about how he found his way to West Point, what it has been like to prep for the draft there and what sets him apart as a fullback.

I close it all down with Auburn fullback Spencer Nigh who shares his favorite moments from the Tigers’ season and the role he played at Auburn as well as what he felt like his pro day showed NFL teams.

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