Episode 32: Spice Up Your Life

In the 32nd episode of the Sideline Sass Podcast, host Emily Van Buskirk talks with a very special guest – linebacker Jerimiah Spicer. Spicer’s story is unique, from being abandoned as a baby to bouncing from home to home and at times living on the streets or sleeping in cars to playing football at the professional level. Spicer talks with Emily about the structure that football brought to his life from a young age and how it pushed him to work hard and get good grades. A truly inspiring tale about the perseverance of the human spirit, Jerimiah’s journey continues as he shares his NFL hopes and dreams with Sideline Sass listeners.
Later in the podcast, Emily plays some clips from her conversation with Pepper Johnson. Not only is Johnson an Ohio State Hall of Famer and 13-year NFL veteran, he coached Spicer briefly during his time as Defensive Coordinator for the Los Angeles Wildcats. After Jerimiah was taken by the Wildcats in the XFL draft, Johnson was able to see first-hand in camp what he brings to the table. And he shares with Emily his thoughts on the tough, young linebacker. He compares Spicer to a former NFL great – you will never guess who! Johnson also talks about the XFL itself and what it brings to the football world as well as his thoughts on its longevity. 
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