Episode 28: The Unofficial National Championship Post Game Podcast with ESPN’s Arash Markazi & CBS Sports Jerry Palm

The girls are back with the ultimate college football post season recap episode. Emily and Kaleigh capped the CFB season by covering the National Championship, including the Alabama-Clemson media day with champion professional eater Joey Chestnut.

Check out that full story here.

After Clemson’s crazy 44-16 upset over the Crimson Tide at Levi Stadium Monday night, the girls set up the Sideline Sass Podcast in the National Championship Media Hospitality suite and welcomed guests from all walks of media life to come on and talk about their championship game experience and analysis.

First, the girls chat with ESPN senior writer and Sideline Sass favorite Arash Markazi who talked about his favorite parts of championship weekend. Markazi, a BIG Sideline Sass podcast fan, broke down his thoughts on the environment as well as both passionate fan bases. He also talked about how this year’s game compared to other games and events he has covered.

Then the girls were joined by Sideline Sass veteran, CBS senior writer Jerry Palm. Kaleigh and Emily talked to Palm about his time in the Bay Area and the overall downtown San Jose experience. Palm also talked about the parts of the championship game that surprised him the most and what the difference makers for Clemson were. He also talked about his beloved Purdue Boilermakers and the impact that Tyler Trent had on the entire Purdue community.

Finally, the girls welcomed two young up and coming sports journalists/photographers, Amy McKenna and Kim Montuoro – both girls are students at Clemson working for university outlets. Emily befriend the pair at the Cotton Bowl when Clemson defeated Notre Dame before heading to the Bay Area for the National Championship game. Both Kim and Amy discuss what it was like being part of such an amazing season and how it compares to past Clemson seasons. They also filled Emily and Kaleigh in on the championship parade, which will take place in Clemson on Saturday and assured them it will be an extremely good time for the entire community.

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