VIDEO: No. 16 UCF Extends Win Streak with 56-36 victory over FAU

9/21/18 Orlando, FL

As Kaleigh Krish said, sixteen is truly sweet for the UCF Knights – they extended their win streak, the nation’s current longest, Friday night with a definitive 56-36 victory over in-state opponent Florida Atlantic. Emily tried to will the upset but the Lane Train couldn’t quite leave the station as the Owls never figured out how to capitalize on momentum and committed far too many turnovers for Kiffin’s taste. It didn’t help that UCF quarterback and Heisman darling Mckenzie Milton went off – like 21-for-32, for 306 yards and three touchdowns off; like 13 carries for 81 yards and three more touchdowns off. In fact, Milton pretty much accounted for 75 percent of the offense at any given time.

FAU running back Devin Singletary had a solid game – he finished with 25 carries for 142 yards and three touchdowns of his own. But UCF was able to keep him relatively contained, providing pivotal stops on key Owl drives. Kiffin did sneak in a fake punt early on, which was successful but as he intimated after the game, you really don’t want to have to use the fake punt because you prefer not to be in a punting situation.

UCF will surely move up in the rankings next week as the Knights welcome Pittsburgh next weekend. FAU will look to bounce back from this loss on the road against Conference USA opponent Middle Tennessee.

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