Episode 24: College Football Frenzy with the Voice of the Utah Utes Bill Riley and College Football Analyst & Former Colorado Linebacker Chad Brown

In the 24th episode of the podcast, the girls embark on a seemingly impossible task: covering four college football games in four days to kick off opening weekend.

First, Emily visits Sack Lake City for the Utah vs. Weber State game and sits down with the voice of the Utes, Bill Riley. Bill sits in for Kaleigh and helps Emily break down the Utes matchup against Weber State and looks ahead to the opening slate of games. They also look ahead to the Pac-12 season itself and talk about Utah’s chances when it comes to winning the Pac-12 South and finally making it to that elusive Pac-12 championship game. Spoiler alert: Bill thinks the chances are good..

Kaleigh catches up with Emily in Colorado for game two of the road trip – Colorado vs. Colorado State in the Rocky Mountain Showdown at Broncos Stadium. The girls talk with former Colorado linebacker and current college football analyst Chad Brown about the Friday night rivalry game and what this season needs to look like for the Buffs. Chad also talks about college football games being played in neutral site stadiums and how the allure of playing in an NFL stadium has been lost in the many remodels to CFB stadiums that come with the competitive recruiting efforts in college football. Listen close for the thunderstorms making a cameo in the background!

The girls then find themselves in Houston for the Advocare Texas Kickoff which featured Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech. Game three took place at NRG Stadium, home of the Houston Texans and featured yet another blow out with the Rebels running away with it.

Finally, the girls wrap up the road trip and the podcast in Dallas with an exciting Sunday night matchup of LSU vs. Miami in the Advocare Classic at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. In a shocking twist, the Tigers pounded the Canes and the girls were able to catch it all from the sidelines. Well, expect for that elusive turnover chain which didn’t make it out of the case. Make sure to check out the podcast’s Twitter and Instagram for all the behind the scenes photos and videos, including when the girls got trapped in the LSU Marching Band!

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