Ballin’ on a Budget: Ballpark Fashion with Sydney Sloas

by Sydney Sloas

Two months into the baseball season and you fling open your closet door, throw clothes all over your bed and sigh “ugh, I’ve run out of things to wear to the game”. You’ve already been to numerous games, and there’s only so many ways to style your favorite jerseys, t-shirts, and ball caps—or so you thought.

After working six years in Minor and Major League Baseball, I have attended my fair share of baseball games on my off-days (I just can’t stay away!). Being from the South, humidity is no joke, making it almost impossible to dress cute for a game without sweating your face off and soaking your clothes. Can I get an amen from the ladies in the back?!?! I’m also the kind of girl who doesn’t like to just throw on a basic tee and converse for a game, so I am constantly looking for ways to spice up my ballpark style. The key to ballpark fashion is investing in a few vital pieces that can be reused during the long season. Below are some tips and outfit inspirations for your upcoming games that won’t break your bank.

  • Just like a baseball team, I have my “starting lineup” of closet staples
  1. Leather Shorts
  2. Short Nude Heels
  3. Gameday Graphic Tees
  4. Ripped Colored Jeans
  5. Denim Jackets
  6. Basic Ball Caps
  7. Cardigans
  8. Jerseys
  9. Denim Shorts

Being a college student while working can make money a little tight when it comes to adding more clothes to my closet, so I invest in pieces I know I can wear anywhere- not just the ballpark. I buy pieces I can wear multiple ways, which usually means I buy basic colors, like black, white, and nudes, and pull out my favorite team’s colors in smaller pieces of my outfit. This allows me the flexibility to run from work, lunch with friends, or errands, straight to the ballpark without having to change much of my outfit.


I currently live in Arizona, so games can get extremely toasty here in the desert. One staple in my closet is a pair of leather shorts. Leather shorts are the perfect way to make any outfit feel a little more sexy and flirty. I love to pair my Forever 21 shorts with a baseball graphic tee like this one from my favorite online gameday store, Live Love Gameday. You can shop LLG here.

Choosing basic colors allows you the flexibility to change your shoes, cap, and accessories for your stadium hopping pleasure. Spice up the look with a pair of short, strappy heels that are still comfortable enough for your walk around the park, these were only $15 from Rue 21.


The best double play is ripped jeans and denim jackets. Again, I have these in basic colors so I can add my favorite team to the look. These are perfect for ballparks that may get a little chilly in the early/late months of the season. These white jeans and fringe booties are from Express. The jean jacket is from Highway Jeans. I like to tie up my tees, like this one from Silver Accents, and throw my jacket over my shoulders to add an extra flare.


This last look is a home run for girls who are at the ballpark from sun-up to sundown. You’ve worn that oversized jersey to countless games- but here is a way to make it chic and fresh. These high waisted shorts from Forever 21 are perfect for keeping you cool through the first few innings, while this cardigan from Gap will come “in-relief” when it starts to get chilly. Again, I reuse my favorite nude heels from Rue 21, because once you find a comfortable pair of heels you never let them go, right?!

It is possible to “ball on a budget” when using an all-star starting lineup. With small tweaks, you have multiple outfits that look sophisticated and comfortable. Baseball is known for players with fun and outgoing personalities, why not make your style match?

–Sydney is currently a Player and Media Relations Intern for the Arizona Diamondbacks. She spent five seasons within the St. Louis Cardinals organization before moving to Arizona to pursue her master’s in Sports Law and Business at Arizona State University. When she isn’t working, she spends her free time running her blog, Southern & Seams, designed to give women a personal insight into being a girly-girl in the game of baseball. Subscribe to her blog here and follow on Instagram @southernandseams & @sydneysloas.

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