Episode 20: Making Major League Moves featuring Chicago Cubs Rookie Pitcher Chris Allen & Kansas City Royals Pitcher Jakob Junis

The Podcast turns 20 this week! Happy birthday to Sideline Sass! This is a MUST LISTEN episode so lets get to it.

To celebrate this episode, the girls recruit two major league pitchers to come on the show and talk about their different experiences. The baseball vibes in this episode are very real.

First, the girls are joined by newly drafted Chicago Cub pitcher Chris Allen. A Terra Linda High School graduate and College of Marin pitcher, Allen talks about his draft day experience, giving listeners insight into what it looks like to wait around at home for a life-changing call.

The 6-foot-3, 170-pounder was selected 608th overall after compiling a 13-0 record in 14 appearances in his sophomore year at COM. He struck out 102 in 100-2/3 innings and posting an earned-run average of 1.34. He allowed two hits or less in three outings, including a one-hitter vs. Laney College April 10.

Allen, an ace pitcher and practical Marin kid talks about the different teams courting him that day as all we his plan B – accepting the offer from the University of Hawaii and playing in front of 4,000 fans under the island sun. Fortunately, Allen found a solid home with the Cubs and Sideline Sass cannot wait to watch his career take off in the minor leagues.

Next, the girls talk with Kansas City Royals pitcher Jakob Junis about his current season as well as his path to the show. Junis made his debut in Burlington an worked his way through the Royals system until finally earning a spot on the 40-man roster in 2017. Last season he compiled a 9-3 record and a 4.30 ERA with the Royals. This year, he is in their starting rotation and is 5-6 with a 4.05 ERA.

Junis talks with the girls about his journey, credits his drive to his twin toddlers and their beautiful mama, Brianne and shares some hilarious stories from the minor leagues – including a special backstory to his AMAZING nickname given to him by Beau Maggi and current Royals catcher and teammate Cam Gallagher.

The girls finish off the episode talking about some more serious issues in sports, including the stigma surrounding mental health. They encourage anyone struggling with anything in their life to reach out to Sideline Sass or Emily or Kaleigh directly because they are always here to listen.

This episode is dedicated to a friend of the podcast who recently passed away, Tyler Mabry. Rest in Peace Ty. ❤

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