Episode 17: The Draft Days of Summer With Benjamin Allbright

4/19/18 – San Francisco, Ca. 

In the 17thepisode of the podcast, the girls focus on several major sports topics: the NHL Playoffs, Major League Baseball and, of course, the impending NFL Draft. They are also joined once again by fan favorite, former Stanford defensive player Jordan Watkins, who calls in all the way from Coachella to weigh in on the draft and talk some spring college football. He shares his favorite moments from the Stanford Spring football game, talks about the Falcon’s draft needs and tells the girls who he is excited to see at Coachella.

Later in the episode, the girls are joined by NFL analyst and Denver sports radio host, Benjamin Allbright to talk all things Draft. Kaleigh eagerly asks Benjamin all her burning draft questions: Who will go number one? What are the Cleveland Browns thinking? Which quarterback is most likely to have start right away? Allbright’s intelligent answers will satisfy all your NFL Draft needs. The girls also discuss the draft hierarchy with Allbright and break down what they know about some of the draft picks’ personalities.

As always, don’t forget to follow the show on all our social media profiles: @sidelinesasss on Instagram @sidelinesasss on Twitter and Sideline Sass on Facebook. And don’t forget to check out the new Sideline Sass website at www.SidelineSasss.comfor all your writen video and audio sports needs. Also follow Emily on her handle @Emilnem on both Instagram and Twitter and Kaleigh on her handle @misskrish on Twitter and @kakes88 on Instagram. You can follow Jordan Watkins on both Instagram and Twitter @big75fella and Benjamin Allbright on Twitter @AllbrightNFL.

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