Episode 16: The Return of Football with Selena Solorio and Darius Allensworth

Happy Sweet Sixteen to the Sideline Sass Podcast!

In this milestone episode, the girls broadcast live from the California Golden Bears Football press box as spring practice takes place in the background. In preparation for the return of football, both collegiate and professional, the girls welcome guest Selena Solorio, a media archivist for the Oakland Raiders. Selena talks with the girls about her career path, what it is like to be part of the Raiders family and what the future holds for the Silver & Black.

Selena also talks about her unique job as a film archivist and how she learned the process of breaking down and cataloging game film from the 1960’s all the way to present day. She knows the plays, the players and everything in between.

Selena has a special surprise for the girls: her friend and former Cal defensive back Darius Allensworth joins the podcast to talk about his time at Cal as well as his hopeful NFL career. Allensworth talks about the defensive culture shift at Cal when Coach Wilcox and his staff joined the program and he gives some insight into what Bears fans can expect this season from the defense, particularly the secondary.

Allensworth also shares stories from his training in Colorado, how his Pro Day at Cal went and how he has some workouts with professional teams lined up.  He also talks music with the girls, sharing favorite fire tracks and artists and discusses the role music played during his time on the team at Cal.

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138 Days.

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