Episode 15: Forde Minutes of March Sassness with Pat Forde & Jerry Palm

In the 15th episode of the podcast, the girls dive headlong into the Madness. March Madness that is. The previous episode included some bracket breakdown but THIS time the girls enlist help from some of the best in the biz to make sense of the first couple rounds of the NCAA Tournament. And help guide listeners the rest of the way, of course.

The girls are joined first by Yahoo Sports writer Pat Forde, who is bringing the sass all the way from ATL Georgia. Forde delves deeper into the upset waters and breaks down the wins and losses from the first two rounds. He also discusses the games he is covering, Loyola-Chicago vs. Nevada and K-State vs. Kentucky. While the verdict is in on those games, it’s worth listening to Forde’s reasoning behind his picks. Forde also talks about the recent string of Stanford swimming victories and how his daughter experienced it all as a member of the team.

Later, the girls check in with CBS Senior Sports Writer and noted bracketologist Jerry Palm. Jerry is a Sideline Sass favorite and he shares his insight into the Boston area games – His beloved Purdue vs. Texas Tech and Villanova vs. West Virginia. He breaks down why Purdue has been so successful thus far and what he expects from them moving forward. He also shares his experiences from Nashville, in spite of not being able to attend the bar Kaleigh and Emily attempted to send him to. He also mentions his Final Four and National Championship picks. So listen up!

The girls conclude the episode with special guest appearances from Emily’s sister Elizabeth Van Buskirk, future lawyer and her good friend and photo editor for several Hearst publications including Good Houskeeping, Emily Luppino. Both girls just flew in from New York City and the final segment of the podcast documents the drive from SFO to Woodbury, the official Sideline Sass bar in SF.

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Also follow Emily on her handle @Emilnem on both Instagram and Twitter and Kaleigh on her handle @misskrish on Twitter and @kakes88 on Instagram. And don’t forget to follow Pat Forde on twitter at @YahooForde and Jerry Palm at @jppalmCBS. Also make sure to follow Emily Luppino on Instagram at @emily_lupps and Elizabeth at @ellev_b.

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