Episode 14: The Special Spring Training Edition with Sara Krutewicz

3/15/18 Peoria, AZ

In the 14th episode of the podcast, the very special live from 2018 Spring Training episode, the girls fill you in on all their baseball shenanigans. They talk about what covering spring training was like – from the clubhouse to the press box to the on-field BP. Every single minute of the spring training trip was scheduled out and the sidelinesasss.com website is chock full of content as a result. Make sure to visit the site and watch the videos or read the interviews that the girls talk about in the podcast.

Later in the show, the girls are joined by Sara Krutewicz, who is the fiancé of San Diego Padres pitcher Robert Stock, who the girls interviewed on their first day at the Padres complex. Sara talks about how she and Robert met (CUTE STORY ALERT) and how they navigate their path through baseball together. She explains Robert’s process and how she helped him with the video that changed the course of his baseball trajectory. She also talks about WAG life and what that meant for her career and the wonderful women she has met through Wags in Real Life, who Sara works with editing their podcast.

To round out the episode and balance out the baseball, the girls talk for a bit about college basketball. It is March after all. Kaleigh watched more college basketball this week then ever before and she shares what she learned from the experience. Meanwhile, Emily breaks down her bracket and gives you a little insight into certain tournament matchups that may be giving you trouble.

As always, don’t forget to follow the show on all our social media profiles: @sidelinesasss on Instagram @sidelinesasss on Twitter Sideline Sass on Facebook. And don’t forget to check out the newly minted website where audio, video and written sass converge: http://www.SidelineSasss.com.

Also follow Emily on her handle @Emilnem on both Instagram and Twitter and Kaleigh on her handle @misskrish on Twitter and @kakes88 on Instagram. And don’t forget to give Sara a follow, she is @sarakru on both Twitter and Instagram. And while you are at it, follow the Wags In Real Life on Instagram @WagsInRealLife because they are awesome.

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