Q&A With San Francisco Giants Outfielder Andrew McCutchen

3/11/18 Scottsdale, AZ

Prior to the San Francisco Giants home game against the San Diego Padres Sunday, we had the chance to catch up with newly acquired veteran outfielder Andrew McCutchen, who talked with us about the biggest difference between the Cactus League and the Grapefruit League, what excites him most about playing with the Giants and his opinions on In ‘N Out. He indulged our culinary questions and we think you will find his answers particularly savory.

Q: How is this year’s spring training going for you?

A: Everything is going well. Spring training is spring training so you do what you need to do. But overall things are going well. I’m enjoying my time for sure.

Q: What is the biggest difference you notice between Cactus League and Grapefruit League?

A: Everyone always says the travel here is a lot better than it is in Florida, I always heard that and it actually is. The travel is better, granted I haven’t put on a grey uniform yet – I think this week coming up I will be doing that but I mean that’s probably the biggest adjustment. Travel, I guess is different but it’s good, it’s good in that aspect but other than that you are just playing some teams that you have never played and playing against some guys you have never played against so that’s an adjustment but its baseball. So, it’s fresh but it’s fun.

Q: That being said, do you miss Florida?

A: My home is Florida, I’m from there so it was always good to be able to go back home and see family, be around family – I only lived about an hour away from the spring training facility so it was always good to see my family when I had the chance to. I mean in that aspect I miss it because you don’t really see family as much but other than that it is what it is.

Q: Is there anything specific you are looking forward to about playing in San Francisco this year?

A: Everything you can think of that comes with being a newcomer – getting close to the guys for sure, playing under Bochy and getting to know him more and the fans for sure. The fans always came out and supported the Giants every time I came out and played against them. They were always there, they were always loud and they supported their team so that was always awesome to see and be a part of. I am just looking forward to all of that but being on the home team now. So yeah, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Q: Are you an In ‘N Out fan?

A: I don’t eat burgers a whole lot. But I mean I have had it before, it’s pretty good

Q: What is your go-to comfort food?

A: Probably pizza. I’m just pretty simple, I like peperoni and that’s it. I don’t like a whole lot of cheese. If the sauce is good then I’m all about it. I don’t mind the deep dish – it is a lot, but you get a lot of sauce with it and I like sauce.

So when you are Andrew McCutchen, there is no much thing as too much sauce.

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