Episode 6: Runs, Routes & The Dodger Devout – Featuring Former NFL Pro-Bowler & Super Bowl Champ Eric Davis

10/31/17 San Francisco, CA

In the sixth episode of the Sideline Sass Podcast, the girls talk about anything and everything – if it’s sports and its happening they touch on it. World Series, college football, NFL, NBA, no topic is safe.

They are joined by former NFL pro-bowler and Super Bowl champion Eric Davis, who discuss the 49er discord, Marshawn Lynch’s mayhem, the NFL protests and more. The girls even pick his brain about college football quarterbacks and his Heisman thoughts. And since Eric does live in LA, he weighs in on the World Series madness.

The girls also chat with 2017 Stanford grad and current post season public relations assistant for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Olivia Hummer. She discusses what it is like to work the post season for a World Series team and gives the girls a taste of what game day looks like. Olivia also talks about the Dodger’s mentality and what Puig is really like behind the scenes. Spoiler alert: it involves the words “high” and “energy.” Olivia also talks some Stanford football and what it was like to cover the Cardinal’s storied sports programs.

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