Episode 5: Two Girls, Four Sports – Featuring CBS Sports Senior Writer Jerry Palm

10/18/17 San Jose, CA

Guess who’s back, back again. Sass is back, tell a friend. It’s been a few weeks and we shouldn’t have left you but between family things and the north bay fires, things have been a little hectic in our lives.

But we are back with a new episode that has double the guests and double the sass.

In the fifth episode of the Sideline Sass podcast, we talk college football and college basketball with CBS Sports senior writer Jerry Palm. He breaks down Week 7’s crazy college football play, talks a little bit about the Playoff future and explains the college basketball scandal to Kaleigh. He also confirms that just because the Pac-12 beats itself up, that doesn’t mean it is a superior conference – quite the opposite in fact.

We also chat with former CSN Bay Area Sharks insider and current Athletic hockey writer Kevin Kurz about what we can expect from the San Jose Sharks this season. He gives us insight into the magical world of hockey and offers up some dark horse Stanley Cup predictions.

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